Most of the ailments of today can be attributed to dietary habits and deficiencies, poor food nutritional content, environmental factors and also the lifestyles that people lead.

Environmental factors like electromagnetic smog e.g. radiation from computer monitors, televisions, cellphones and cellphone masts, electrical appliances etc do us much more damage than we realize or that the manufacturers might want to admit. These can manifest in anything from impaired immunity to cancer, and even depression.

Another fact is that food, today, does not necessarily have the nutritional value anymore that we will read about in nutritional handbooks. Apart from that it might even contain toxic components that were not there before. WHY? Exhaustion of agricultural land, artificial feeding of livestock, the use of chemicals, pesticides, growth stimulants (e.g. hormones) and other factors contribute to this.

Stress in the workplace, long working hours, insufficient sleep, difficult working conditions, life in the fast track, smoking, drinking, radiation, electromagnetic smog etc. all launch their attack on our immune systems.

The results can be felt in our bodies and even our minds. We start feeling sick and tired, lethargic sick of life itself. We get sick physically. And then we hear we must supplement our diets!

But what to take and when to take it? Do we really need to cart a whole load of supplements with us everyday and wherever we go, and take handfuls throughout the day?

Moducydin has been designed to effectively boost your immune system, while also providing a wide range of vitamins and minerals to support normal bodily functions. Try it and feel the difference! It might be all you need!

And it is easy to take. Under normal circumstances 2-3 capsules daily will be sufficient to support and maintain our state of health.

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